Cybersecurity Auditing / Compliance

Establish a baseline for your cybersecurity posture. Based on this you are able to mitigate the risk of hacking and other malicious activity.

We can assess your level of risk of being breached based on industry standards. Our experience extends across many verticals. Based on the audit we can provide you with a comprehensive remediation plan to close the gaps.

Cybersecurity Training

The latest tools are only one part of a complex system that is cybersecurity. Staff training is an integral part of this system.

Your staff must be adequately trained to assist in your Cybersecurity approach. Password management, BYO devices, differentiating between a legitimate email and a threat are all an parts of a training program. Do your staff know how to respond to a cyber-incident? Time is of the essence. Training programs are tailored to your business and delivered by a qualified trainer.

DRaaS – Disaster Recovery as a Service

Backup alone will not guarantee your systems are up and running quickly. DRaaS addresses this issue according to your requirements.

Not all Disaster Recovery plans are equal and can deliver unexpected results that could leave your business waiting days if not weeks to recover. Our DRaaS solutions can provide plans that can have you up and running within as little as 15 minutes.

Immutable Backup

Not all backups are created equal. Immutable backups prevent changes to a backup once it’s written. It can’t be ransomware encrypted.

Mitigate the risk of losing days, weeks or months of work with one of our immutable backup solutions which provide a recovery method if your systems become encrypted or lost through corruption. Immutable backup is designed to fight ransomware.

IT Policies

Without IT Policies staff in your organisation are not ready for a cyber-incident. Not to mention non compliance to your particular industry guidelines.

Every business vertical has a framework that they work under. We tailor IT Policies to assure compliance with your specific regulatory body.

Server and Network Hardening

The smaller the target the harder it is to hit. The same applies to servers and networks. The smaller the attack surface the smaller the chance of being breached.

With the ever changing landscape of cybersecurity, networks and servers are much more difficult to secure against threats given their size and complexity. Our network engineers are highly skilled professionals in network analysis and design. We are able to assess the vulnerabilities and implement risk mitigation strategies that will harden this infrastructure against breaches.