Audit and reduce your network attack surface.

Despite the fact that almost every company has basic means of protecting network infrastructure, the number of cyber-attacks continues to grow. This is due not only to the growth of intruders’ ingenuity, but also to incorrect configuration of existing protection tools. For example, suboptimal routing can lead to traffic routing bypassing secure communication channels. And uncoordinated unnecessary open network access means malware penetration into the internal infrastructure and its further horizontal distribution.

In addition to incorrect settings of protection systems due to inadequate assessment of information security risks, conscious settings of administrators are added to simplify work and management functions, which seriously increases security risks for the entire infrastructure of the company. For example, setting up inconsistent access from the outside with an uncontrolled device organisation.

The emerging picture in relation to information security, as well as similar situations, dictate the need for regular audit of systems by independent auditors. This service is relevant for companies in any sector of the economy that have a closed internal network infrastructure and protected resources. The service will also be in demand among companies with a large-scale network infrastructure, firewalls, and public Internet services, and with a smaller number of nodes, including those with a connection to intranet networks.

Hardening network security does not always require a linear increase in network protection nodes. For a qualitative increase in the level of network security, it is sometimes enough to professionally reconfigure the current fleet of solutions.

The goal of hardening is to reduce security risks by eliminating potential attack vectors by intruders through fine tuning, adjusting security policies on existing information security tools and the network architecture as a whole.