Train your staff and reduce your threat landscape

The argument for cybersecurity training for employees is simple: If employees don’t know how to recognize a security threat, how can they be expected to avoid, report, or eliminate it? They will not be able to. This is simple.

Most modern businesses have firewalls and security software but are still breached. This alone is not enough. Employees, not technology, are the softest targets to attack.

This does not mean that employees who fall into the trap are irresponsible. They commit common human mistakes – trusting fake identities, lured into bait, vulnerable to other tactics used by criminals to gain access to company information. This happens if they are not prepared for this, did not participate in trainings and training programs on cybersecurity.

To protect themselves and the company from cyberattacks, employees need to receive regular training. By familiarising them with security threats and the procedure for recognising a threat, you strengthen the most vulnerable links in your business.